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The Cactus and the Kestrel

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The Cactus and the Kestrel is a story of friendship, patience, and acceptance, told through the colorful characters that call the Sonoran Desert their home. A wise and witty Saguaro Cactus watches over the desert while friends come and go. He becomes lonely after a few close friends move away, and closes himself off to new relationships for fear of being hurt again. His prickly demeanor keeps most of the desert creatures away until an American Kestrel who is in need of a new home flies by, and notices the impressive cactus. She sees past his prickly exterior, and recognizes how much he still has to offer. Through patience and understanding, the two become fast friends and learn they each have something to offer the other. While this is a fictional tale, all of the characters and their habits are based on real plants and animals. The adorably bright illustrations and engaging text make the characters jump off the page and into the imagination of readers.

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